Thursday, December 2, 2010

7 Most Beautiful Underground Lake In The World Version Place On Earth

1. Yucatan Lake
This lake is a lake forbidden because local residents believe that the lake is a gift from the god of the Maya in Mexico. The lake is located in the basement Tiger Che reply was in the Yucatan peninsula.
2. Banff Lake Cave
This underground lake which is located in Banff, Canada. Really beautiful
3. Lake Cave Mellisani
The lake is located below ground in Mellisani Cave, Kefalonia. The lake was discovered because the cave ruins integumentary destroyed by the earthquake in 1953.
4. Lake Cheddar Gorge
Lake Cheddar Gorge is an underground lake which was in the cave which teradapat in one of the biggest gap in Britain named Cheddar Gorge. In Lake Cheddar oldest human skull was discovered in England in 1903 an estimated 9000 years old.
5. Lake Hamilton
Lake Hamiltan was a surprise underground is used as a natural pool. The lake is located in Austin, Texas, United States, and known by the name of Hamilton
6. Lake Cave Lechuguilla
Lechuguilla Cave in Carlsbad Caverns National Park, New Mexico, USA. This cave is the fifth longest cave which has a length of 193 km and a depth of 489 m. Make no mistake, New Mexico is different from Mexico yes. New Mexico is in America and Mexico is in Mexico.
7. Guilin Underground Lake
Underground Lake in Guilin China discovered about 1300 years ago during the Tang Dynasty jobs. It 's nice

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