Saturday, January 22, 2011

Lake Toba Original Story

In the region, there lived a poor orphan. He lived alone in the northern part of Sumatra island is very dry. He lived on agriculture and fisheries industries.

One day, he was hunting and fishing more and more peculiar. Great fish and very beautiful. This is a golden color. He then fish from the hook and the Holding Company. But when I touched her hand, turning the fish a beautiful princess! It seems to be the fish of the gods condemned for violating the ban. The suratkan de, if it touches your hands, and will turn into a creature such as a touch. Because this is a human touch, when they turned to humans.

young people to work at attracting fish. Princess header tags ready to fish.

"But I have one request, brother." He said.

"I am willing to be your wife, and you will remain secret for me to come from fish."

"Well, I'll Adinda. Secrecy." Said the young man.

Eventually married and had a good child. But when the big move, and children are always hungry. Although many foods and kemulutnya, and says he is not satisfied.

One day, being so hungry, he ate all the food on the table, including food rations from both parents. Sepulang from the farm of his father who suffered from hunger to find an empty table there is no food, angry heart. Perhaps the master of starvation and not from himself, harsh words.

"Sons of fish!"

He did not realize, with his speech, and this means that the secret to his wife.

At that time his mother found the child crying and asked him if the fish are descended from him.
Hearing that, and his mother was surprised because her husband had violated their oaths before.
I then decided to return to their natural resources. Then all of a sudden the sky turned dark and thunder and heavy rain struck.
Father was angry and very sorry for his actions. However, rice porridge. He was never able to meet with his wife and son and he loved it.

Foothold in the land of a former wife and his son, and suddenly no water spray. More and more water is great. Lake for a long time. This lake and then we know now as Lake Toba.

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